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Foreign Soils

Mobilizing Military Wives to Reach the UnReached

About Foreign Soils

Military Wives have an opportunity to reach unreached people groups!

Through a conversation on the playground or an invitation to a cup of tea, you could change the legacy of an entire cultural group – or at least the legacy of one unreached woman!

Military wives face unique challenges as they move overseas. We facilitate small virtual groups to support those experiencing the struggles of transitioning and groups who pray and encourage one another to be missional.

Hope Mills


Hope grew up overseas and believes that everyone needs a chance to hear the Good News about Jesus at least once in their lifetime.

While visiting a CrossRoads military wife whose family had been stationed overseas, Hope was amazed at the opportunities for military wives to share the love of Christ with local people who had never experienced it before.

From there, Hope co-founded Foreign Soils to mobilize and inspire military wives to create a legacy of loving like Jesus by sharing His love & truth with unreached people groups.

Support Foreign Soils

Your generosity will provide critical support for living needs, outreach efforts and more. Together, we can see many people come to know Christ!

To learn more, visit the Foreign Soils Website.

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