Greenhouse Kids

“The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree..”

Matthew 13:31

At Greenhouse Kids, the children's ministry of CrossRoads, we desire that all the kids of CrossRoads would come to know Jesus and grow in their love for Him. We seek to partner with family units in discipling kids, and raising them to live on mission.

What will my child be learning?

Our Mission


To faithfully sow seeds of truth into the children of CrossRoads Church as they grow into a loving relationship with Jesus.
Seedlings – Infants - Ones
Roots – Twos - Threes
Sprouts - Prek
Young Oaks – K - 2nd
Rising Oaks – 3rd - 5th

Our Vision

Our Values

Our vision is for Greenhouse Kids to know Jesus and grow in their love for Him. We seek to partner with family units in discipling kids, and raising them to live on mission.
  • Safety of each child
  • Creative Bible Teaching
  • Age-appropriate environment
  • Partnership with Parents and Guardians
  • Fun

What to Expect on Sunday Morning

We currently offer Children's Church for our 9 AM Worship Service. Kids (ages 3+) get checked in at the Children's area on the 1st Floor, and then go up to the Fellowship Hall. Kids should wear their masks and can take them off for snack or when directed to by the Children’s Director.  Our goal is for the kids to learn the same topic that the parents are being taught. Kids are in the Fellowship Hall for children’s church where siblings sit next to each other and spread out 6ft from other family units for social distancing purposes. We have a form that parents/guardians need to sign to opt kids into the ministry. Please see the covid19 guidelines below, and email Hannah for a children’s ministry opt in form.

COVID 19 Guidelines

  • Kids will sit with their parents for worship, and then be released to the cafe for kid’s ministry during the sermon.
  • Toys that cannot be easily wiped down and sanitized have been removed from the classrooms.
  • All other toys have been put in bins, so that the volunteers can control the number of toys that being used.
  • Each kid will have their own tray with pencils, crayons, markers, etc., that way kids are not sharing those items.
  • Family Unit Rule:
  • Family units (brothers and sisters) sit together, allowing for 6ft between each family unit.
  • Parents can opt in and sign a form specifying that their kids are allowed to sit with friends and list which friends their kids can sit with (this way if kids are already playing with each other outside of church they can also sit together at church).
  • At this time, in order to maintain social distancing. children’s ministry will only be offered to ages 3+. 
  • We ask that children 2 and under stay with their families during the service.
  • Siblings will sit together and 6ft from other family units, unless directly communicated to staff (see below)
  • Volunteers wear masks at all times unless actively teaching. At this point, they will remove their masks but will remain at the front of the room and will maintain 6 ft of distance from all children and staff.
  • Kids all ages wear masks as they walk to and from rooms. Once in the classroom or fellowship hall they are spread out/socially distanced and can take their mask off. Kids will be told when to take masks off (during snack, etc.)
  • Parents come into the back of the fellowship hall or classroom and avoid standing close together to pick up their kids, we ask them to exit one family unit at a time and respect social distancing. We will put 6ft markers and stickers on the ground to show where parents should stand.

Online Children's Church

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