Re-Opening Plan

June 14,  2020

We wanted to lay out a tentative plan for next steps as a community as we move into Phase 2 here in Virginia. Our main goal is to keep everyone connected and cared for. That being said, you are not required to participate in anything laid out here. Online services and children’s church content will still be available as we move forward.

PHASE 1: May 15 - June28 (current)
  • ●  Continue online services
  • ●  Zoom/phone calls will be primary way of community interaction
  • ●  Church Staff begins working from the church again
  • ●  Gatherings under 10 are permissible but would strictly be a personal choice

PHASE 2: June 28 - September 1
  • ●  Begin limited worship in building sanctuary and fellowship hall
  • ●  Encourage Microsites to watch service live in homes
  • ●  Encourage outdoor interactions and social gatherings
  • ●  No onsite children’s ministry

PHASE 3: September 1 - forward
  • ●  TBD based off guidelines from the state
  • ●  We would like to offer children’s ministry and regular ministry opportunities
  • ●  Live services for over 100 people (subject to change) with enough time in between  services to thoroughly clean.
  • ●  Online experience, Microsites and Community Groups will continue Women/Men’s ministry begin again in September.

*We’re still figuring out children’s church environments. We want to make sure we are not only following the proper guidelines but keeping everyone safe and doing what’s best for the kids and our volunteers.

Next steps
  • ●  If you would like to learn more about hosting a Microsite, email and he will provide details.
  • ●  If you would prefer to stay home until the CDC gives the all clear, we respect your choice and would love to know! We’d love to help you stay connected. Please email

If you have any further questions please feel free to email