For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

On any given Sunday when you arrive to CrossRoads, you will see a team of passionate volunteers in their CRC blue or mustard shirts that are there to serve and care for the guests and members of CrossRoads Church. They have found a team that best fits their personality and giftings, allowing them to serve the Lord in a way that is life-giving and helpful.

Sunday Service Teams

Usher Team

The primary role is to manage the flow of traffic in and out of the sanctuary, help guests find seats and collect the offering.  The secondary role is that of crisis/emergency response.  Needs to be someone who is familiar with the church facilities, is outgoing and friendly, can be directive, takes initiative, and can respond thoughtfully to crisis or emergency situations.
Need: during 1st & 2nd services
Arrival: 8:30 am or 10:30am

Coffeehouse Team

Help set up and run coffee and donuts service on Sunday mornings.  Also, have an informal opportunity to meet and interact with guests as they get their coffee and get ready for service.  Needs to be someone who is outgoing and personable and can follow coffeehouse procedures.

Need: 8:00am to 11:15am
Arrival: 8:00 AM

Greeting Team

The primary role is to stand at the front entrances and welcome and assist guests as they arrive and enter the building.  The secondary role is to handout bulletins. Needs to be someone that is friendly and outgoing and will actively engage people.  Also, need to be able to deal with weather elements.
Need: during the beginning of each service
Arrival: 8:30am or 10:30am

Parking Team

The primary role is directing vehicle traffic, keeping guests safe as they cross the street, and helping guests and those with special needs find parking. Needs to be a person that is able to deal with varying weather conditions and can be friendly, directive, and proactive.

Need: before each service
Arrival: 7:45am or 10:25am

Information Desk

The primary role is to answer questions and give guests guidance and direction about events and how to connect within the church community.  Needs to be someone who has previously volunteered in other roles and has strong knowledge of the church facilities and culture.  Knowledge of CCB is also needed.
Need: before and after each service
Arrival: 8:30am or 10:30am

ODU Rides

The primary role is to drive the church van to ODU to pick up students for church and then take them back after church.  Currently, this service is only offered during 2nd service. Needs to be someone with a good driving record and able to engage college students in conversation and make them feel welcome.  
Need: 2nd service only
Arrival: 10:15am

Worship Team


Crossroads Worship exists to help people encounter and glorify God by nurturing a culture of worship that is biblical, Gospel-centered, and Spirit-led. Musicians and singers are invited to apply and audition for the worship band.

Need: all Sunday morning (7:00am - 12:30pm)
Arrival: 7:00am

Production Team

As part of the Worship Ministry, the Production Team, through the use of technical and digital media, facilitates an atmosphere for people to encounter the presence of God through worship and the Word. Available positions are audio engineer, lights, camera, slides, and stage manager. Prior experience is preferable but not required; training will be provided.

Need: all Sunday morning (7:00am - 12:30pm)
Arrival: 7:00am

Prayer Team

The primary role is to provide intercession and prayer support at Sunday services and other church events as needed.   The prayer team will pray in advance of or during events and, at  times, will pray directly with those in need of healing or intercessory prayer.  Needs to be someone that is personable, outgoing, and has a passion for or gift of intercession.

Need: various opportunities
Arrival: various times

Children & Youth Volunteers

Children's Ministry

Serve for an entire month and then off three months. You will be responsible for reading and preparing the lesson before Sunday morning.

Serve as an aid to the lead teacher. You are expected to serve once a month.

Serve as an assistant during children’s check-in and check-out. During service, you will attend to a classroom that needs additional help. You are expected to serve once a month.

Buddy Program

for children with special needs

Volunteers serve as buddies to children with physical, intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. They are paired up with these children on a Sunday morning during church. Staff members train and equip volunteers base on each child’s individual needs. Both the child’s and adults personality and characteristics are taken into consideration when the pairing is scheduled. We want this to be a life giving experience for both the child and the volunteer.

Youth Ministry

Our leaders are passionate about pointing students to Christ and empowering them to embrace an identity rooted in Him. We create a safe and fun environment for students to learn, share, and discuss what God is doing in their lives, as well as, build solid relationships with one another through fellowship. 

Questions about volunteering?

We love to clarify volunteering requirements. Please reach out if you still have questions.